Thursday, September 3, 2009

Say good bye to my N95, to Nokia 5800

As weakness of n95 didnt have a layer of glass to protect the LCD.
I have change my LCD for n95 3 times..
& finally I decided to change it to Nokia 5800
Much wider screen for photo viewing & new OS as same as N97
Nokia 5800 comes wiv 3.2 megapixel, downgraded as N95 5 megapixel
I seldom use phone camera btw.. photographer ma. lol
Lucky for me to trade in my N95 to a 2nd Hand 5800
by adding addiction rm200 only.
Nokia 5800 is from a malay uncle didnt have $ forcing to sell his 5800

Enhance by free software by my friend Ah Keong,
my office neighbour, LKB phone shop
with handy shell software, enable more shortcut & icon

Big screen viewing,cool gaming & new OS


  1. eh??? that software looks great =)
    any chance you could pass it to me online?? =D

    like d wallpaper in d 2nd pic btw xD

  2. well, my fren delete all the sis file after he install into my phone. sorry

  3. Waa..I was planning on getting the phone. Howsit? Any bad points?