Saturday, May 24, 2008

Gundam Mid Year ShowDown

I used t buy gundam here, price base on normal yen price,value buy

Here,there is also a LittTak hobby centre,price mark up bit

I found them selling force impulse d.. wow, the 1st shop selling in klang valley,too bad the price rather high,should be around rm160, so wait for other shop shipment

The ShowDown.. & Gundam Cheap Fair

Gundam 00 HG all selling at range rm78, virtue rm120+...

What bput Unicorn & Crossbone??

The price tag rules!!

Gundam 00 Series

EXIA!!~ Modified!!~

Unkwon Modified Gundam.. Cool?

New Musha Gundam (display)

Gundam Seed Destiny Collection, Savior modified

MyKy's Wing Gundam, hahhaaa spotted

Awesome Zaku

Unicorn Modified

Cross Bone Modified



Nu Gundam