Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gundam Shop

This is area where i use to go for hunt..

Its located near IKEANO PowerStation, Dataran Sunway, road before SEGI.
Price base bout Yen price x0.033 example 5000yenx0.033 = rm165 \
Guide : estimate yen x 0.033
Last time is 0.03, all price due to currency changes.
Gundam arrive by shipment.
Mostly take a month or longer on the day release in Japan.
Here is a map below

Litt Tak Hobby Center 6th floor Sungai Wang
Main Dealer of Bandai.. The price they gave for gundam always freak people away, BUT if you ask the counter, got % rupanya.. expensive also..
They are the host of organizing gundam competition at Sg.Wang at mid and end of every year. This is the only time you can buy cheap gundam at lower ground, as they want to clear stock.. Guide : estimate yen x 0.036

Diamond hobby store 6th floor Sungai Wang
They order new gundam in advance. Sometime freaking shock as Japan release after 2 day.. they have it!!! Ehmm.. As I know the boss got contact with Japanese and uses to go Japan often.
The price is horrible sometimes.. (Fast release)
Some model they sell cheap, but not recently. Join member got 15% discount if I not mistaken. Guide : estimate yen x 0.035 + RM20

Time Mechine at Berjaya Time Square 7th floor
Model come by Air.. Fast model release.
They are selling topcoat, cement and others kit as well.
Selling EXPENSIVE!! Guide : estimate yen x 0.035 + RM25
(There is a old lady there keep hard selling model.. kinda annoying)

Graffiti Toys at Berjaya Time Square 5th floor
Model come by shipment..
Loads of model to see.. U can see wall building up by boxes of model kit.
Too many model as the walkway is like one way street..
Not so updated as too many old stock remains..
Cheap value promotion price sometimes but by cash only. Example virtue 1/100 rm115..

Guide : estimate yen x 0.037

Conclusion.. Depends how fast you want a model. Else.. wait till the price goes down.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Cool video by FreedomWen

Check this out!!~

I will think of doing it also.. When i free la.. hahahaa.. nice one..

Opps I did it..

Wahahaa.. I got it.. Just because of the free poster. ps.. Sbhboi and Myky dun jealous ya.. kekekeee

I wont fix it that fast actually,as i havent fix up my virtue.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Out of Control

Famitoy :' Free poster of Sinanju ' with any Sinanju with medal purchase..The owner of Famitoy, 'Kok' is kind enuff to hold the pic for me to grab the poster pic..

ErAhh!!~ altot the price is just reasonable, but they are giving out the poster as well. My pal, DengFung is also KIND enuff to buy it for me first as I already run out of cash. Thanks!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Shin Zaku II Finishing Version

Just finish it up with topcoat. Not yet spray up the zaku axe.