Sunday, August 23, 2009

PS 3!!~ New and 1st post in gaming

My new Sony PS3, price info visit my LOHCHAI Blogspot

The atmosphere in my room, room lights, 1080 HD visual and DTS audio. YEAH!!~

Both Games..

and BDR, pirated blu-ray RM48, original all rm70++,
I bought PS3 remote for easy control

PS3 music playing with a theme, outputting in digital optic and
visualling earth rotating, pan and more

Metal Gear Solid in PS3 Menu

The Introduction

When Snake taking action, more body lying on floor

Resident Evil 5

Moving to africa, new virus found. & Criss now have his new partner.
2 player availabe helping each other in action to take down zombie

1 comment:

  1. MGS4...Damn good game...!!!!!
    Resident evil words!!!! Too amazed!
    I got my eyes now on Assassin Creed now....