Thursday, June 18, 2009

1/144 Trans-Am 00 Raiser!!

Tada!! My long waiting First Trans-Am 1/144 Raiser!! I have been looking for it when It release unfortunely I cant find it till yesterday shipment at Famitoy Damansara. I intend to get it since I saw the display at SungaiWang 6th Floor Litt Tak.

It only cost 2000yen as selling x0.038 so its only rm76 in Famitoy. It included its own Green GN Stand, GN sword 3.

Here is the box cover

The Manual showing also raiser to b fix

Back of its is packed with intruction to build up the body and weapon.

Its even more posing picture then my designer ver 1/100..

The GN Green Stand

The GN Beam extend parts as like 1/100 parts

The white parts change to be pinkish as its trans

I fix the body part in no time with some black liner

Looks cool for 1/144, will post more when its done.

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