Sunday, May 17, 2009

00 Raiser Designer Color Ver.

Yes, I got it! My gf bought it for me as anniversary present.. hehehee.. thanks muack!! Its cost RM200, normal price is RM185 at Time Mechine BTS. Its consider expensive as its new product flew by air. Latest ma, what to do..

The box cover

It seems that all the color is much more lighter then usual. I plan not to spray it.

The transparent part, its seem to have some transparent PC in order to let the LED grow in it.

I will update more later.


  1. you are one really lucky have your loved one to buy you a gundam of all things! do you have any shots of the LED in operation?

  2. hey LOL so gd lo u got gf buy..LOL i had to save up money or behave well to hav my parents buy for me. some times they happy den say yes lo! LOL hahas i also bought 1 recently :D its a gd kit