Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Gundam 00 Season 2 First Stop

Hi.. Its been awhile for a post!! Well, Gundam 00 Season 2 is out! Did you guys watch the first episode? Its kinda saying Sayonara to our old exia right? lols..

Been to hobby search for a quick view of new gundam 00 product, but it seems bandai came out with a strange product lauch for gundam 00, 3 months continuing starting with a gundam 00, 0 riser then a set of both? wtf!!~ then wat for we shud buy w/o o riser set? cheaper? well, the whole set of it cost 5000 yen which bout rm150 (bout mg price but its hg) coming with a celetrial being base.. So which set you getting?

Since i have gave all the weapon of Exia to Avalanche. After viewing the first episode of season 2 and HCM-Pro Battle Damaged Exia from Ngee Khiong blog, I decided to make myself 1 (Before Exia is totally outdate), So please leave some comment bout it, thanks.

Overview of Damaged Exia (Front)

Overview of Damaged Exia (Back)

Overview of Damaged Exia (Side, Damaged)

Overview of Damaged Exia (GN Blade Silver,will at some dirt for the edge blade later)

Overview of Damaged Exia (Front body)

Overview of Damaged Exia (Top View)

Overview of Damaged Exia (Ending post)

Well.. Goodbye Gundam Exia for Season 2


  1. Nice! Check mine! pls!

  2. fark...season 2 already? i dont even know where to download season 1 !!!