Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dyunames 1/100

Late post of current gundam that i m doing. In fact that i m too busy on my video shooting job these few month and i didnt really hav time to follow up my gundam hobby. Well, anyone is fixing up their Shin Musha Gundam?? Selling rm176 in daimond 6th floor sungai wang, and ground tieren is rm99 if i not mistaken. Well.. i m waiting for avalanche exia.. shud be pricing bout rm115--- rm120.
This is what i did for dyunames latest.. full body, not yet into weaponary/decal & top coating.. but on its armor, green n highlight wiv black tone at bottom.
After dyunames, i will plan to fix up my crossbone.. wonder how long it will takes.. sorry for the late post.

front view

back view

upclose front

front inner armor view

Gundam 00 family

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