Saturday, May 24, 2008

Gundam Mid Year ShowDown

I used t buy gundam here, price base on normal yen price,value buy

Here,there is also a LittTak hobby centre,price mark up bit

I found them selling force impulse d.. wow, the 1st shop selling in klang valley,too bad the price rather high,should be around rm160, so wait for other shop shipment

The ShowDown.. & Gundam Cheap Fair

Gundam 00 HG all selling at range rm78, virtue rm120+...

What bput Unicorn & Crossbone??

The price tag rules!!

Gundam 00 Series

EXIA!!~ Modified!!~

Unkwon Modified Gundam.. Cool?

New Musha Gundam (display)

Gundam Seed Destiny Collection, Savior modified

MyKy's Wing Gundam, hahhaaa spotted

Awesome Zaku

Unicorn Modified

Cross Bone Modified



Nu Gundam


  1. Woohoo!!! An honour, to notice my entry!!

    I think for open category either Erix's Exia or QiYang's D-hell/Strike Noir will win. Damn chunted!!

    Re-GZ sold out jor ar? 30 bucks nia.

  2. Hi..can u plz tell me the location of the shop named "diamond" and "litt tak" as mentioned in ur blog?I wanna ask my fren in kl to help me buy some model.My email is .Thanks ya

  3. Believe it or not! Your Ky's Wing Gundam photo behind you is a Destiny who grabbing Freedom's head! That is my !^^ "My Ky's Wing Gundam, hahhaaa spotted" above a photo is another photo right? A destiny, Luna's Zaku!

  4. BTW....About the 1st pic of the Shop...Where is that shop located? In Sungai Wang 6th floor? I want to make sure..But My regular shop is at Time Machine in Time Square! It is a lot cheaper!!